The costs below are a guide only, an approximate price, but if you are after an average I find $650 would be that accurate average price. Though you must understand that I can only give a definite price after talking to you to find out what you are thinking about. Each ceremony is individual so it is best to contact me and organise a time for us to meet and chat. 

I don't really have a set price as each ceremony is individual.

from $400.00 - to $1350
I have performed ceremonies and planned small weddings hence the huge price range.

Best thing is to contact me so we can decide on a price.
($250.00 non refundable deposit is required at the time  the Notice of Intention to Marry is lodged with me)

Just a little Ceremony

Short and Sweet Legals only


This is becoming a great alternative for those who don't want a fuss with a huge cost. These can  be done in my home or lovely, leafy courtyard, with champagne and grazing platter OR just the ceremony OR

We can have the ceremony wherever you choose ..............

The prices range from $400 upwards depending on what you want

Naming Days/welcome to the world
From $400.00

Funerals/saying farewell
From $400.00

If I need to travel, which is very common,  there is a fee involved of approximately 78c per km. If you decide to have something opulent or a fantastic cosplay event, something small and sweet or traditional and refined, then the costs vary depending on what I have to do and my time. 

It is always best to talk it through with me. Happy to come to you or meet for a coffee or drink or you can come to me. So contact me anytime.